Payout Rates - Updated 2016

scrap gold .99999 Gold Coins (1oz) (/g)
24 karat
22 karat
E. Indian
18 karat
14 karat
10 karat
Gold Maple Leaf 1oz
Recognized Gold Bars 1oz
scrap silver     siver maple
.925 Sterling Silver (/g)
Silver Maple 1oz
Silver Bar 1oz

No hidden fees
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Visiting Our Shop

Richmond Pawnbrokers has been established for over 10 years and specializes in purchasing, loaning, and selling of all quality goods. Our pawn shop accepts a range of items from high end designer watches and handbags to jewellery, diamonds and scrap gold and silver. We provide a professional and confidential place to conduct business and look forward to seeing you in our shop soon!

If you are interested in selling an item or requesting a loan and would like additional information on our policies, please visit our Store Policies page or give us a call at 604-233-0111. Should you choose to take out a loan with Richmond Pawnbrokers, all of your items will be insured while in our possession.

Store Address: 2187-3779 Sexsmith Rd., Richmond, BC

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